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Debt service coverage ratio: features and advantages of business

Nowadays financial planning is considered being one of the most important features to grow a business successfully. In the world of rapid changes in local legislation and tax law as well as overall economic situation being financially educated becomes more and more essential. There will be a moment sooner or later when you will decide to launch your small business and search for investments for maintaining its growth. Besides overall business planning and risk assessment, it is important to keep a measurement of your profitability as well as a so-called business health. This article is aimed to provide you with details about a particular term, which will help you in increasing your business opportunities. This term is called a ratio of debt service coverage.

What is actually debt service coverage ratio for business owners and how to measure it? The ratio of debt service coverage is considered being an absolute number that helps business owners to analyze the level of the profitability and income of their company and maintain risks and challenges in the future. In fact, this precise term is used for many financial aspects of growing business, especially when there is a need to take a business loan. DSCR provides lenders all information and details about the forecasts of revenue and income business is going to get during a particular period. This data will help the bank to make a decision on offering a loan to the company owner.

Speaking about the lenders so they always have a particular amount of cash that they are ready to provide borrowers for the business loan. Every lender has certain interest rates as well as conditions and terms for a business owner and a level of debt service coverage ratio. When a lender sees that your company does not meet these requirements and can hardly generate enough money for being successful, it is usually a bad sign of not giving a loan. All lenders decide on their debt coverage ratio individually. Nevertheless, there is an average requirement, which is considered being a particular reference point for owners of small companies. Usually, this rate is around 1.25. It means that if the ratio of a particular business is 1.25 – the business owner has chances to get a business loan from a lender. But there are several external issues, which also depend on DSCR and its availability. For instance, if country's economy is considered being on a real level – lenders may decide to provide business loans even with the ratio lower than 1.25. Nevertheless, if the economy of the country is not doing well, there are many risks with taking out credits and loans for any business.

There are different types of lenders that give opportunities to get business instant approval cash . For instance, there are numerous local commercial banks and institutions such as credit unions, financial agencies, and private lenders as well. They are usually interested in providing business loans of different conditions and features to owners of any business.

Before you decide to meet your potential lender to maintain a business loan, you should make calculations. There are two main approaches to calculating debt service coverage ratio of your particular business. When you determine your rate you should have precise data:

  • Annual net income;
  • Annual debt.

To calculate debt service coverage ratio, you should divide your annual income by your annual debt. Here it is important to admit that when you have a current business loan, you should put it in the cost of the future investment as well. When you calculate this figure, it should be then taken to the next decimal step.

You should remember that business lenders do not provide loans for mobile firms and companies. Debt service coverage ratio is only one method from many others to collect information about your company, maintain risk assessment as well as understand will it be successful in the nearest future. All your day-to-day operations should be transparent and regular to maintain stable income and growth of the company. In this particular case, the lender will be confident that you will be able to make monthly payments at a certain interest rate.

You have several options how to improve debt service coverage ratio of your business and have more opportunities to get a business loan from a reliable bank. First of all, you should think about how to increase your revenues. When your income is higher, your DSCR is going to be higher too. There are several possible ways of increasing your company's revenue. First is maintaining your marketing and advertising budgets, optimizing customer experience and service of the highest quality. Secondly, there is an option of working on the product and price itself. For instance, you might think about scaling your sales into supermarket chains if it is connected with everyday goods or food or conducting global partnerships and increasing an amount of products on the market. You can always raise the price, but it is important to make analysis and research of the situation on the market to ensure low risks.

The other fundamental way of increasing your debt service coverage ratio is maintaining bigger terms of the particular loan. If you need to improve your debt ratio and make it higher one of the most powerful options might be in creating the conditions of the loan or credit longer. It will help you to reduce the amount of interest rate, and you will be able to get a business loan for affordable requirements and conditions considering your revenues and incomes.

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        Secondly, by providing company's data and debt service coverage ratio, in particular, you give all reasons to be reliable borrower for your lender.

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